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What is a Professional Employer Organization???

A PEO is a single source provider of integrated services which enable business owners to cost effectively outsource the administration of payroll, workers’ compensation, human resources, employee benefits, development and more. In other words, Paychecks Plus will take out much of the headache of running your business. When signing on with Paychecks Plus, we become the “employer of record”. The benefit created by this relationship is simple yet vast. All matters concerning payroll taxes, state and federal regulatory issues relating to workers’ compensation or unemployment claims, now become the responsibility of Paychecks Plus. As well as the Human Resources function: such as payroll, workers’ compensation and unemployment administration tasks, including calculating, reporting and timely payment can all be easily outsourced to Paychecks Plus.


With over 80 years of combined income tax experience, let our team of experts advise and prepare your returns for your family & business. With each passing year, new tax laws and tax credits can make even the simplest return simple return appear confusing. It’s just too easy to overlook deductions and credits which you may be entitled. Even with today’s computer software programs, there is just no substitute for the assistance of an experienced tax professional.

We offer electronic filing for faster processing of returns and refunds including direct deposits to your bank account.


As a small business owner, everything revolves around good bookkeeping. Let our firm help you with the critical components of good books like bank reconciliation, monthly financials, fixed asset management and performance reports.


From start ups to existing business, we can provide you the advisory services you need to remain successful. What setup is right for you? Sole Proprietor or Incorporation? Need tax savings? Is it cost effective to outsource business functions? Get these questions answered by our team of small business experts.

Nice people and awesome service

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Keith Turner

The best company ever! Thank you for everything that you guys have been doing for me and my company. I highly recommend them. And when you go over there ask for Noemi!

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Isaac Vasquez

Strongly Recommend!! We have been using Paychecks Plus for years they do a GREAT job!! Chad and ALL the staff takes GREAT care of us at our business Buy The Season & personally!! GRATEFUL FOR YOU GUYS😊

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Tammy Bronson Baughman

Chad and team did it again! Great job on my corporate taxes and my fiancé’s personal return. Highly recommend Paychecks Plus. 3 years ago, I moved 5 hours away and changed states, and I refuse to find another accountant!

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Crystal Leean Dalton

Chad has been extremely helpful since we moved to Roanoke. He provided prompt and knowledgeable service. Highly recommend Paychecks Plus for all your accounting needs.
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Charlie Thomason Archbell